morning’s today

subtle quiet while dogs, little ones at that, wag what tails are visible
eyes alive
darkness is breaking as daylight warms the silence into obscurity
knowing full
well happiness is overrated sideways with such a peace of mind
long overdue
i think calmly of tomorrow alongside a wonderful sense of fulfillment
fleeting yes
but welcomed as a rain-soaked traveler would be seeking dry lodging
can it
all be real this inner anonymity soothing a beastly marrow raging
against insecurities
and such fears beckoning unknown forces preying on my heart
like ashes
to dust i rail in the wind a little child fist raised hawks verging
on destruction
not so morning’s today washes away pain of defeat or regret
daylight it
is and daylight begins a journey of unprepared longings for
a finer
peace; funny word, peace, but it is real and it is here and it
is embraced
without work, tinder, ignition or tiresome justification of lost
reasoning for
all the best intentions there have been lives changed forever
perhaps more
so than ever before as you come with me through this maze
of confusion
there is morning’s today enveloping all of this incompleteness
as a
blanket of protection sealing pieces easily, softly as it should
be because
morning’s today lift the souls of my shoes into a lofty place
found only
by those no longer fitful, plagued by discomfort and swimming
in a
water so clear, so warm, it floats all of you without fear or measure
it is


About stevewhitmore

Former award-winning newspaperman and broadcast journalist, both radio and TV, spanning three decades. Army-trained paralegal, court bailiff and prosecutor's lead investigator for the 8th Infantry Division's Judge Advocate General's Corp., Mainz, Germany. 1973-1975.
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