Get along with family; it’s just better

Things go better with Coke, as the ad goes. Strange way to start a Mother’s Day column, I know, But things just go better when you’re getting along with your family.

You don’t have to be swapping spit in the shower but polite, decent exchanges do make the medicine go down easier. I’m just full of slogans this fine evening. Actually, I’ve been feeling nauseous most of the day. Had some bad bacon, I think. That’s all right. I eat too much bacon as it is. Maybe, I’ll give up the ol’ bacon. Can’t seem to cook it right anymore anyway.

Well, back to dear old mom. Mine passed away nearly a decade ago. She was a fine lady. Hard worker. Loyal to her children. Protect them to the bitter end. I was the least favorite of the trio, but that’s all right. It really is. I wasn’t the best son. I got into trouble a lot. I was pretty selfish, immature. Lied a great deal. Stole money. Got arrested. As I said ,I wasn’t the best of the bunch. I just was and am what I am, as Popeye would said. There I go again with the slogans.

Funny about Mother’s day. Probably just a slogan in and of itself. Certainly created by people to make money. It really is all about the money.

Bob Dylan had a great saying about money, he wrote: “Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” I worry about money. A lot. I got hit with a tax bill recently. I may have to cough up $2,000. Don’t know where I’ll get the money, but obviously I will. Somewhere. Just when things are looking like you might be getting caught up a bit, bam! Something else puts you behind again.

It seems to take me a long time, a very long time, to get even with debt. It takes just a moment to get back knee-deep into it.

So, it’s Mother’s Day. The kids – they’re not kids anymore –  will come over and show their appreciation for Mom. She deserves it. She loves her kids. They love her. She’s a good lady. She sure is a good mother.

So, here’s to you, Eileen. In this family, all good things start with you. That’s for sure.

And here’s to you mom; my mom. The one gone for nearly a decade. In this family, all good things start with you.  That’s for sure.

And to all, Happy Mother’s day. Life is just better when you get along with your family. That’s for sure.


About stevewhitmore

Former award-winning newspaperman and broadcast journalist, both radio and TV, spanning three decades. Army-trained paralegal, court bailiff and prosecutor's lead investigator for the 8th Infantry Division's Judge Advocate General's Corp., Mainz, Germany. 1973-1975.
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