Day at home with more work than at office

I was going to take the day off today because this weekend I’m supposed to be on the job Thursday through Sunday nights because the NBA All-Star game is in town. I’m scheduled to pull my shifts in West Hollywood. Why the NBA All-Star game will attract people to West Hollywood is beyond me. Not that West Hollywood isn’t great. It is. But I would think the majority of people would be downtown at Staples Center and L.A. Live where the game is being played. But what the hell. What do I know?

I was going to take it easy today but the phone started ringing earlier and often, and so I was inducted back into work. You know something, it was kind of fun. I got a lot done and never left my house. Well, I did actually, to run some errands, but there is some truth to this deal about working out of your home. I had a good time.

Alas, most people think you’re just goofing off so you can’t do it often. It does work, though. Pardon the pun. And I’m not particularly fond of work in the first place. I remember when I was young – a long time ago – there was a television show, “Dobie Gillis,” which co-starred Bob Denver as Maynard G. Krebs, the original beatnik.

Whenever anybody would mention the word “work,” Maynard G. Krebs would shout “WORK!” I identified with that reaction and to Mr. Krebs. I guess you could say he was my first hero, only I didn’t know it until much later. If I had my druthers I would sleep in. I would not get up early and get to the office. I would come late and leave early. 

I didn’t feel that way, however, on some days when I was in the newspaper business. I loved being a newspaperman. I never fancied myself a journalist, but I did like being called a newspaperman. It fit like a snug, fur-lined glove.

I gotta lot done today, in any event. I guess I gotta go back to the office to relax a bit. Strange how it goes, isn’t it?


About stevewhitmore

Former award-winning newspaperman and broadcast journalist, both radio and TV, spanning three decades. Army-trained paralegal, court bailiff and prosecutor's lead investigator for the 8th Infantry Division's Judge Advocate General's Corp., Mainz, Germany. 1973-1975.
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